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The missions work as follows: 

1 Select the mission you want to complete (Prize, Gift, or Special Offers) 

2 Go to the location corresponding to the mission 

3 Scan the QR code on the U-Magazine stand display 

4 Complete the mission during its start to end timing

5 Submit your response text to 941-275-7848 within the given time frame 

6 If you’re selected, you will receive a text notification 

7 If you do not receive a text notification 10 minutes after mission has ended, 

         that will mean you did not win the mission

8 First three people to text in answer completing mission, in order first second and third 

        will be text congratulating, with address direction on were to receive your reward in the community 

9 The Win Winners Game can only be played on U. Magazine stand display QR code reader

10 When given a Win Winners Game mission to play, we tell you the name of the business to 

        locate were which U. Magazine Stand display  QR Code reader is playing the game. Part of your

        mission will be to find the location were the U. Magazine stand display is located. To find

        U. Magazine Stand display with QR code reader to play game go to

        on website go to “LOCATION’S” on website

   Good luck with your mission! 


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